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Thank you to Grand Area Mentoring’s Major Supporters

These organizations and individuals make mentoring possible with financial, in-kind, and organizational support. You continue to change children’s lives for the better every day of the week. Moab’s hero headquarters thrives through the marriage of your generosity with our mission.

EcclesLogoThe George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation is dedicated to serving the people of the State of Utah by carrying forth the philanthropic interests and goals of its founders. This foundation has supported Grand Area Mentoring longer and more deeply than any other. Since 2007, their generous grants have helped the program thrive and expand opportunities for quality mentoring in Moab.  http://www.gsecclesfoundation.org/


For years, David Bonderman has robustly contributed to many worthy causes in Moab, Grand Area Mentoring chief among them. These gifts have allowed Grand Area Mentoring to cultivate Moab’s largest weekly volunteer corps of dedicated, kind volunteers who guide vulnerable children.


GCSDThe mission of the Grand County School District is to combine the resources of the schools, community, parents and students to provide the opportunities necessary for individual academic, vocational and personal growth. Grand Area Mentoring is a key ingredient in this mission. By providing capital and in-kind facilities and support throughout the district, the public school system aims to boost the performance of all children by meeting the needs of those who need role modeling, advocacy, and healthy one-on-one relationships.  http://www.grandschools.org


The Colin Fryer Foundation has helped Grand Area Mentoring grow for over a decade. This is an individual and a leader whose longtime support has helped point hundreds of children toward a better future. Here’s to Mr. Fryer and Red Cliffs Ranch, tireless champions of common sense solutions.


CanyonlandsInnLogoThe Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn proudly offers 80 spaciously appointed, non-smoking guest rooms that have been recently remodeled. Guests will wake each morning to a delicious complimentary full hot breakfast buffet. As longtime partners of Grand Area Mentoring (since 2012!), the Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn and owner Linda Bynum have proven that a businesses with heart can make a real difference. http://canyonlandsinn.com/
anon2This special anonymous donor has been a steadfast and generous benefactor to Grand Area Mentoring (also since 2012!). Each year this donor’s gifts boost the program’s ability to provide support and resources to up to 90 mentoring pairs that meet weekly with the aim of elevating student achievement, attendance, and behavior.
RockyMtnPowerLogoRocky Mountain Power Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Rocky Mountain Power. The foundation’s mission, through charitable investments, is to support the growth and vitality of our communities. Since 2009, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation has identified Grand Area Mentoring as one of the key Moab nonprofits that brings success and vitality to children who need just a little extra support to excel. http://www.rockymountainpower.net/about/itc/foundation.html


picGrand County Education Foundation feels that all students deserve the tools, resources, and experiences that will inspire and prepare them for a better future. The foundation’s top priority is the implementation of programs, equipment and materials that will have an immediate impact on all students in the Grand County School District. As a partner to Grand Area Mentoring and a local champion of school-based mentoring, GCEF has invested directly in the project and provided funding for special training opportunities for mentors and staff as well. This is local money flowing to local causes. Learn more about Grand County Education Foundation and how you can support it here:  http://grandcef.org


imagesSince 2013, the Carl George Bjorkman Foundation has fully engaged in the mission of helping children through mentoring in Moab. A board member’s spouse became a mentor, and the foundation took a keen interest in the inner workings of the program. As the foundation’s confidence and inspiration have grown with the program, so have its financial contributions. This is a clear example of a foundation fulfilling its charter with integrity and investing where efforts reap huge rewards.


The Sorenson Legacy Foundation has supported Grand Area Mentoring since 2019. The Foundation is a non-profit corporation established by the late biotechnology pioneer and entrepreneur Jame LeVoy Sorenson and his wife, education philanthropist Beverley Taylor Sorenson, for the purpose of promoting charitable, artistic, religious, educational, literary and scientific endeavors. The foundation is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and is qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The foundation was created to improve the lives of others and the world in which we live. The foundation supports a wide range of endeavors, from community development and education to health care, scientific and artistic pursuits. https://sorensonlegacyfoundation.org/


100 Women Who Care Moab is a group of kind and generous people who come together to support the region’s many needs. They fund projects within a specified radius of Moab, including youth mentoring! Their website states: “100 Women Who Care Moab opens its doors to women of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to come together with the desire to support those in need in our local community by making a quarterly financial contribution. All women in the greater Moab area are invited to attend a meeting and decide if our giving group is for you! When we pool our individual $100 contributions we create a powerful, easy and immediate way to support local needs – with thousands of dollars – every quarter.” Thank you to these generous 100+ women who support Grand Area Mentoring and many other worthy causes! They’re always accepting applications for new members. Learn more at: https://www.100womenwhocaremoab.com/
Grand County provided a 2021 grant award that allowed Grand Area Mentoring to pilot a program where graduating mentees earn an educational scholarship if they complete high school while matched with their mentors. https://www.grandcountyutah.net/


mvmcMoab Valley Multicultural Center is an amazing Moab organization that provides crisis resources and advocacy, life skills support, cultural education and outreach, youth education and outreach, and interpretation and translation. As a partner of Grand Area Mentoring, MVMC has provided crucial family outreach and translation services. They have also offered cultural awareness and sensitivity advanced mentor trainings to Grand Area Mentoring’s participants. Huge thank you to all at MVMC for your advocacy, translation services, and mentoring work. We love you! https://moabmc.org/
The City of Moab has provided financial awards to help Grand Area Mentoring thrive. Grants have supported community-based mentoring, which directly impacts the city and its inhabitants. https://moabcity.org/


WabiSabi manages a superb thrift store in Moab, Utah and strives to minimize waste and maximize resources in this geographically isolated town.  Wabi prides itself in processing over 350 tons worth of donations and keeping almost all of it out of the landfill through sales, donations, art supplies, and recycling.  Proceeds from the sales of donated materials are distributed to local nonprofit organizations and support WabiSabi programs.  SHOP AT WABI AND VOTE FOR GRAND AREA MENTORING! http://www.wabisabimoab.org


hmkHelen M. Knight Elementary School Community Council has supported Grand Area Mentoring directly with financial efforts since 2014. These awards have been channeled the youth grades K-6 who are matched with a mentor at HMK, yet another example of a local agency identifying a worthy partner to invest in. Discover more about this splendid Moab school: https://hmk.grandschools.org/


SynergyLogoThe Synergy Company’s primary mission is to help individuals build a personal foundation for sustainable good health and well-being. The Synergy Company also reaches out into the local nonprofit world to contribute funds, supplies, and sponsorships to worthy causes that support the good health and well-being of our community. Since 2008, the Synergy Company staff and management have dependably supported the work of Grand Area Mentoring and its dedicated volunteer corps. Learn more about this visionary company here: http://www.thesynergycompany.com


AWebStudio is a developer of leading web Content management platforms that create amazing, manageable websites (like this one)! http://www.awebstudio.com


Moab Gear Trader has offered financial contributions to support mentoring in Moab for years. “Moab Gear Trader is simply the best outdoor gear consignment shop in the Western United States. We pride ourselves on an outstanding selection of great outdoor gear for camping, hiking, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, backpacking, trail running, climbing, bouldering, fishing and many other outdoor activities. Moab Gear Trader is staffed with passionate outdoor enthusiasts ready to help you select the best consigned, or new, item that will help you have the best adventure possible at the best price.” https://moabgeartrader.com/


logoBack of Beyond Books is an independent bookstore with a big selection of books. The name of the store was drawn from one of Edward Abbey’s most well-known fiction titles, The Monkey Wrench Gang. His character Seldom Seen Smith was an outfitter, and the name of his company–and hideout–was “Back of Beyond.” Back of Beyond specializes in natural history, environmental literature, southwestern guidebooks & maps, Native American books, and Western history. But the store also carries a wild assortment of science, philosophy, current affairs, rare books, and generally other cool stuff you won’t find elsewhere. In 2014, Back of Beyond began the Books for Mentees program. They invite mentors and students into the shop, where mentees can pick out books to take home. This is a wildly popular mentoring activity, and it has greatly supported the love of reading in a population who flourishes under the influence of literature. http://www.backofbeyondbooks.com/index.cfm


Kelly & Thatcher Vagts have supported mentoring for years, as generous private benefactors and as professional resources. Kelly, school-based therapist at HMK Elementary School, has offered many crucial trainings to volunteer mentors, especially on the important topic of trauma and its effects on our youth. At the helm of The Synergy Company, Thatcher has been an ally of the program for over a decade, providing grants and gifts to the program in support of youth mentoring.


Moab BASE Jumpers have donated for years to support the promising youth of Moab. They enjoy the Moab geography for obvious reasons, but then they contribute to many worthy causes throughout the community. This is a group with real heart and commitment. Learn more about these people who help us all soar: https://www.moabbaseassociation.us/


Moonflower Community Cooperative is Utah’s only cooperatively owned food market, and it invests in the Moab community in many ways, from buying and selling local goods to making in-kind and financial contributions to local nonprofits. Grand Area Mentoring has partnered with Moonflower to bring quality food to mentored youth and to train mentors and mentees on health and nutrition. Round Up at the Register is another way Moonflower has empowered patrons to contribute small amounts to support the recruitment, screening, and training of mentors in Moab. Don’t miss this amazing business that achieves so much good! https://moonflower.coop/


Through its Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, as well as EnergyShare and other programs, Dominion Energy contributes tens of millions of dollars annually to community causes throughout its footprint and beyond. In 2021, $48 million was invested in the communities we serve. The Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation awards grants in four focus areas: human needs, environmental stewardship, education, and community vitality. Starting in 2022, Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation began supporting Grand County School District students through Grand Area Mentoring and BEACON Afterschool. Learn more about how Dominion Energy is making our communities stronger


The Episcopal Church of St. Francis & St. Claire’s Guild have been supporters of mentoring in Moab for years! This congregation also provides a food pantry for individuals and families who seek assistance finding the essentials to stay healthy. Big thanks to this church and its guild for seeing a need in Moab and striving to meet it. https://moabepiscopalchurch.org/


Stacey & Jerry Savelle have offered generous financial contributions and program consultation to help Grand Area Mentoring grow. Stacey has provided mentor training, handbook proofing, and project review for Grand Area Mentoring’s community-based component prior to its implementation. From California to Moab, this is a duo who leaves the world better wherever they go.


Desert Highlights is one of Moab’s premier guiding services. They offer canyoneering, rock climbing, river trips, remote slot canyon adventures, multi-sport days, multi-day outings, and Arches National Parks hikes. While doing all that, they sell beautiful mugs made by Gee Wirt, the proceeds of which are donated to local nonprofits, including Grand Area Mentoring! (For more about Gee, go here: https://moabstudiotour.com/jiraporn-amornsupamit-gee-wirt/) Co-owner Melissa of Desert Highlights has also personally supported the mentoring by nominating the program for support by 100 Women Who Care. Kindness highlighted! Learn more about Desert Highlights here: https://deserthighlights.com/


NaaNue Gowan is a Moab and Salt Lake City resident who has supported the mentoring program since 2014. Her financial contributions and in-kind donations have helped the program during its transition to serve more teens. As a retired elementary school teacher, NaaNue has firsthand experience working with children who can benefit from a little extra care and patience. No wonder she understands the value of one-on-one relationships. Big thanks to you, NaaNue!


Wild West Voyages has invited mentor and mentees to its high ropes course for relationship, trust, and community building events. These outings have proven enriching and fun. This is a Moab business that remembers the underprivileged and chooses to make a difference. Many thanks to Kathryn and her team! Learn more about their many offerings here: https://www.wildwestvoyages.com/


Sarah Perez-Sanz was a wonderful mentor in Moab before moving away. Now, she and her mother Catherine Bosher support the the children of Moab from afar. What a testament to their spirit of generosity that good will can find its way across the continent to benefit kids who need a dose of good luck in their lives.


Raven’s Rim Adventure Tours offers tours and recreational opportunities to mentors and mentees. With nearly 400 private acres atop the Sand Flats Recreation Area, Raven’s Rim provides exclusive tours and one-of-a-kind experiences designed to excite, to awe, and to inspire. Voted one of the Best Tour Companies in Moab, Utah! And we vote them one of the most generous businesses that has invited mentors and mentees to savor the amazing landscape of Grand County while strengthening relationships. https://www.ravensrim.com/


Since 2018, Mary Collar has generously supported mentoring in Moab. Many thanks to her for jumping in especially at a time during the pandemic when everything was hard, including fundraising. Now, thanks in part to her help, the program continues to match marginalized youth with adults who can help bring them back from the margins. Big props to Mary who has become one of our most generous private donors.


William Mellor & Alison Ling have come up big for mentoring in Moab. With annual gifts and now having joined the Mentoring Heroes team, which gives monthly, William and Alison understand the value of youth mentoring in an unfair world. Unfortunately, mentors are not found in every neighborhood or around every turn in Moab. That’s where Grand Area Mentoring comes in. Thanks in part to people like William and Alison, the program can find excellent and responsible mentors, connect them with children seeking guidance, and support those relationships every step of the way.


B.E.A.C.O.N (Building Essential Assets through Community and Outreach Networking) Afterschool Program’s mission is: Empower students to discover their innate ability to succeed! The purpose of the BEACON Afterschool Program is to close the achievement gap by providing academic support and social guidance to at-risk struggling students. In partnership with Grand Area Mentoring, BEACON has provided mentoring to some of the region’s most deserving youth who may face intergenerational poverty. Furthermore, Grand Area Mentoring and BEACON exist as two prongs in the Grand County School District’s aim to provide supplemental assistance outside of regular school hours. Learn more about BEACON and its many programs at: http://www.moabbeacon.net


The Moab Points and Pebbles Club generously supports Grand Area Mentoring during their gem and rock show. This is a kind group of locals who found a way to support the children of Moab who most need help. You can see a photo of one of their events and fundraisers here: Moab Sun Article & Photo


OARSLogoIf you’re looking for adventure, look no further than O.A.R.S.! This stellar company provides whitewater and adventure trips all over the world. And they do it right here in Moab for Grand Area Mentoring’s participants too! Each year they fully sponsor a Colorado River rafting trip for over thirty participants. Children who might otherwise never get the chance to sample the world class river in their back yard enjoy an afternoon with OARS’ funny, safe, and inspiring river guides. This is always a highlight of the season and a great way to start the school year for Grand Area Mentoring’s student participants. No outfit is better prepared to provide better fun. http://www.oars.com


Karen Schlom has been a mentor to many children over many years! In addition, she helped the program develop an incentive program and manual to help mentors and youth work toward positive outcomes in academics, manners, attendance, work ethic, and more. On top of that, she funded the mentor store as it got off the ground. Karen also provided crucial research for Grand Area Mentoring’s major program enhancement of community-based mentoring for adolescent youth. Her policy review and feedback helped the program effectively launch this element that has grown teen participation by more than 40%. As a dedicated and creative mentor, program consultant, researcher, and donor, Karen has gone above and beyond again and again. This program owes so much to this champion of mentoring in Moab.


RickBorettiLogoRick Boretti is a versatile entertainer who mystifies and creates good times with incredible jaw dropping magic and deadpan humor. He has appeared regularly at mentoring events and special presentations to amuse and teach. Mr. Boretti’s magic never fails to impress. http://www.moabmagicianrickboretti.com/


sunIn print and online, Moab Sun News‘s mission is to provide locals and visitors with free access to the highest quality news and advertising information in the Moab area, while providing advertisers with the largest possible audience of potential customers. Since the Moab Sun News came to Moab, this newspaper has gone above and beyond to promote Grand Area Mentoring among its readership. From select gratis advertisements to timely news pieces, the Moab Sun News has sought to enhance mentor recruitment for the benefit of our community. This is one of those organizations that advances professionalism and kindness out of one office. http://www.moabsunnews.com


logoRoundRed Rock 4-Wheelers: In addition to the Moab Jeep Safari, the Red Rock 4-Wheelers do a Labor Day Camp Out, trails of the month, cleanup and mark trails, and support local service agencies, youth groups, and nonprofits. http://www.rr4w.com


Alpha Rho Sorority: This dedicated group of generous women accomplish great work in Moab and beyond. They raise money for many worthy causes, including Grand Area Mentoring. http://moabtimes.com/view/full_story/26426261/article–Unsung-Heroes-Alpha-Rho-?


MRHLogo22Moab Regional Hospital is a 17-bed not-for-profit Critical Access Hospital and Level IV Trauma Center located in Moab, UT, and is the leader in healthcare in southeastern Utah. MRH’s mission is to put patients first, to deliver quality, cost-effective healthcare, and to promote wellness to all it serves. Through financial contributions and through the offering of advanced mentor trainings with psychologist Antje Rath, MRH supports the efforts of Grand Area Mentoring. Together, MRH and Grand Area Mentoring work to expand the health and opportunities for all families in Moab. Browse their website and become familiar with southeast Utah’s most dedicated healthcare facility. http://mrhmoab.org


YGPLogoThe Youth Garden Project cultivates healthy children, families and communities through educational programs and the profound act of connecting people with food from seed to table. YGP supports mentoring by inviting mentors and students to use the kitchen and visit the garden. As a partner since Grand Area Mentoring first opened its doors in 2005, YGP has provided strategic assistance, sponsorship of services, and collaboration through the Moab Community Action Coalition. Learn more about this fantastic organization here:  http://www.youthgardenproject.org
tiBannerThe Moab Times Independent is a source for instant news, business, ads and events in Moab and the Four Corners region of southeast Utah. The TI has been serving the communities of southeastern Utah since 1896. Since Grand Area Mentoring’s inception in 2005, the TI has supported mentoring with select complimentary ads and news coverage. This is a community institution that goes beyond the news to support vulnerable children of Grand County School District. Read more: http://moabtimes.com


1428601515632Subvert is an attempt to discover a lifestyle with less impact and more community. It is the result of quite a bit of reading, thinking, talking, observing, admiring, and doing. It was Chad’s preparation for the day when his son, Oscar, asked, “Dad, why in the world do we do things the way we do them?” Chad embraced Grand Area Mentoring as a partner when it came time to create an image for the program’s t-shirt initiative. Chad employed his Subvert tactics to create an inspired wood block print that produced many garments that circulate throughout Moab. Learn more about Subvert: http://www.subvertwithus.com


main.logoMoab Action Shots provides professional sports, event and custom photography services across the Four Corners area from their Moab base since 1993. They have photographers on the Colorado River daily as well as Moab’s mountain biking and jeep trails. If you were here we probably have your picture as you enjoyed Moab. http://moabactionshots.com/about.php


…and many generous private donors!