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Letter from the Director:


June 9, 2020

Dear Grand Area Mentoring Supporter,

What a year. This coronavirus pandemic has tested the strength of our institutions and the resilience of our social support systems. Happily, Moab’s mentors have risen to meet the moment. Despite losing the power of in-person meetings, kind adults have continued to reach out to their at-risk mentees through virtual chats, text, email, telephone, and the postal service. These heroic mentors are providing resources, reporting abuse, and remaining steadfast role models.

As you can see in the attached report, 2019/2020 was another powerful year at Grand Area Mentoring. Statistics prove the efficacy of this intervention. However, what mentees, teachers, and mentors say really hits home too. Thank you for helping to make these quotes come to life in Moab:

“I feel like I have someone to talk to.” –mentee, 14 years old (May 2020)

“My mentor is very professional. He helped me with my social cues and is very adaptable.”        –mentee, 13 years old (May 2020)

“Mentoring is helping me with my confidence.” –mentee, 8 years old (May 2020)

“When a mentor shows up week after week for the sole purpose of being with the child, it teaches them that they can trust adults. It also shows there are adults who want to spend time with them.” –teacher (May 2020)

Mentoring gives at-risk students guidance and examples of normal adult-student relationships, which is missing in the lives of so many of these students. I believe mentors are a critical factor in their success.” –teacher (May 2020)

“Mentored youth seem to be able to handle school better.” –teacher (May 2020)

My mentee has developed a safe relationship with me so we now can work on behavioral things like negotiating, compromising, taking turns, showing respect, etc., instead of just playing games.” –mentor (May 2020)

“My mentee is much more self-motivated this year and often would have specific goals or ideas for how we should spend our mentoring sessions. That had never been the case in past years.”   –mentor (May 2020)

100% of teachers agree that mentors are well trained and effective. 92% of mentors feel that their mentees are happier. 100% agree that their mentees demonstrate improved social skills.

Together, we’re changing lives. Thank you for being part of this important movement.


Daniel McNeil

Program Director

(435) 260-9646