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Mentor Position Description

Position Title:

School-Based Mentor


A mentor helps a youth thrive through role modeling, encouragement, advocacy, and problem solving. Mentors and students build strong relationships by having fun, talking, and pursuing mutual interests. Over time, mentored children become happier. They like school more, get along better with others, and are more likely to reach their goals.

Key Responsibilities:

A mentor…

  • Meets with a mentee for at least one hour each week during the school year.
  • Arrives on time (or preferably, early) for scheduled meetings; calls mentee at least 24 hours in advance if unable to make a meeting.
  • Introduces age-appropriate activities and topics suitable to the school environment; does not proselytize, demean family values or beliefs, or hold unrealistic expectations.
  • Offers full attention during mentoring sessions (turns cell phone off).
  • Uses a strength-based approach to trumpet youth successes and bolster confidence and psychological outlook; embraces the position of optimistic role model.
  • Demonstrates a positive, respectful, and friendly attitude during mentoring sessions; has fun.
  • Acts as a fair, non-judgmental authority figure when redirecting student behavior in support of healthy school and social norms.
  • Keeps children safe at all times during on-campus and off-campus activities; stays in mentee’s presence during sessions, except during bathroom or changing room visits.
  • Misses no more than 4 regular mentoring sessions per school year due to planned travel; provides greater than two-week advanced notice of travel and attempts to schedule make-up or extra sessions whenever possible.
  • Completes a mentor log after each session; records date, time, activities, people present, and areas of concerns.
  • Stays informed about Grand Area Mentoring events and school schedules.
  • Attends at least one advanced mentor training per year to enhance mentoring skills.
  • Informs the program by phone or email of any difficulties or areas of concern that arise in the relationship; asks program staff for assistance.
  • Reports problematic, dangerous, illegal, or unethical incidents or circumstances to staff.
  • Maintains confidentiality and appropriate conduct at all times.
  • Sustains limited, professional, and collaborative relationship with mentee’s parents or guardians; establishes proper boundaries with youth and family.
  • Never uses alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances prior to being with a student or while in the presence of a student.
  • Follows all program policies and procedures.


Mentor Coordinator – Megan McGee: (435) 260-9645 • grandareamentoring@gmail.com

Time Commitment:

1 hour per week for at least one year (while school is in session), longer if appropriate; mentors are expected to attend at least one advanced training during the year.


  • Clean criminal record
  • 16 years of age or older
  • Pleasant manner, dependability, timeliness
  • Resident of Grand County School District area
  • Ability to work effectively and appropriately with children
  • Problem solving skills, independence
  • No concerning recent history of alcohol or controlled substance abuse; no history of illicit drug use

Preferable Qualities:

  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Positivity
  • Tolerance

Training, Preparation, and Support:

  • Written application
  • Fingerprint background check
  • Reference and/or employment history check
  • Face-to-face personal interview
  • 2-hour orientation and training
  • During assignment, Grand Area Mentoring offers ongoing support and training

Position Location:

A Moab-area school


  • Give back to society and make a difference to a child who seeks guidance
  • Learn new skills
  • Understand our schools
  • Meet other kind, likeminded people
  • Enhance resume

Dress code:

  • Modest, clean, and neat; bare midriffs, torn shirts or pants, bandanas, and/or any gang reference are unacceptable. Do not wear hats inside. Clothing must not advertise alcohol or tobacco, make gang references, or distract from the educational environment. Underclothing must be covered at all times.
  • When in doubt, err on the conservative side and represent Grand Area Mentoring with care. This includes personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Avoid chewing gum, using cologne or perfume, and wearing clothing or shoes unsuitable for mentoring activities.

General Contact:

Program Director – Daniel McNeil (435) 260-9646


I, (print name)                                                                                     , agree to fulfill the requirements and follow the expectations set forth in this position description of youth mentor for Grand Area Mentoring.