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What is Mentoring?

IMG_6023Grand Area Mentoring matches carefully screened adult volunteers with children seeking friendship and guidance.

Mentor and mentees:

  • meet weekly for one hour
  • building such a positive friendship
  • strengthen a mentee’s self-esteem
  • help the student form a better attachment to school.

Mentoring provides a mentor with the chance to contribute to the well-being of a child and learning about our schools.

Schools, businesses, service clubs, faith organizations, and foundations collaborate to provide this cost-effective program. Schools allow breaks from regular programming for children K-12 to take part.

What Can You Do?

IMG_6211A) Become a mentor! Take the first step. and contact us to learn more about this rewarding volunteer experience. Become a business or individual supporter. Encourage your employees to participate in this program.

B) Talk to program director Daniel McNeil (260-9646) about ways to support the Grand Area Mentoring.

C) Refer a Friend – Talk to co-workers or others you know who would enjoy working with kids.

IMG_6522The Children

Mentees are kids who realize their potential by learning to feel good about themselves and develop a stronger attachment to school.

The Mentor

Mentors are ordinary citizens who recognize the importance of guidance in their own lives and have chosen to pass on the legacy of care.

As a role model, mentors exhibit a standard of behavior that supports honesty, hope, and respect for others. You will have the opportunity to share your skills and talents with your mentee.

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