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Mentee Eligibility & Responsibilities


To build a strong relationship with a mentor, make new skills in friendship, learn responsibility, and have fun!

Key Responsibilities:

A mentee…

  • Meets with their mentor for at least one hour each week during the school year.
  • Calls their mentor (or asks parent to call) if they cannot make a meeting.
  • Is kind to their mentor.
  • Helps their mentor clean up any games, artwork, or playground equipment used at mentoring.
  • Pushes in chairs and cleans tables that got dirty at mentoring.
  • Plays by the rules and does not cheat during mentoring games.
  • Is honest with the mentor and does not tell lies.
  • Follows school rules and any rules of the mentoring program.
  • Is honest with Megan when she asks questions about the mentoring relationship.
  • Tells Megan if there are any problems at mentoring or if mentoring is not good.
  • Leaves all mentoring equipment at the mentoring space (does not steal anything from the mentoring space).
  • Has good manners: says hello, goodbye, and thank you to mentor, when appropriate.


  • Parent permission is required.

Also, a mentee must…

  • Elect to be in the mentoring program.
  • Complete two trainings prior to meeting mentor.
  • Sign contract agreeing to responsibilities.