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Help Children Thrive

Thank you for making a difference!

1. Set up a recurring monthly donation

This is a wonderful option! Making a designated monthly contribution helps Grand Area Mentoring provide critical support year-round without the feast/famine uncertainty of larger one-time gifts. Join and become a member of our Mentoring Heroes team!

a. Donate via PayPal. (To contribute monthly, use your PayPal account.)

b. Donate via MightyCause. (To contribute monthly, use your MightyCause account.)

How your monthly contributions helps:


2. Donate by cash, check, or credit card

One-time or semi-annual contributions are so important to helping Grand Area Mentoring thrive!

a. Cash can be given to the program director. Call (435) 260-9646 to schedule.

b. Checks can be mailed to Grand Area Mentoring, 264 South 400 East, Moab, UT 84532

c. Credit card donations can be made via PayPal or MightyCause.

3. Make a charitable bequest

Include Grand Area Mentoring in your will or revocable trust. Grand County School District may be named as a beneficiary of a retirement account (IRA, 401K, 403b, or pension). Contact us if you have questions: grandareamentoring@gmail.com

4. Donate public stock

Contact grandareamentoring@gmail.com

5. Contribute goods or services

Contact grandareamentoring@gmail.com


*Grand County School District is a tax-exempt charitable organization.