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Welcome Back!

The 2022/2023 school year begins on August 18th! Megan will be in touch with returning school-based mentors and mentees to help schedule meetings. Community-based matches should set up their own sessions; let us know if you need assistance.

This will be Grand Area Mentoring’s 18th season of connecting deserving Moab youth with kind volunteers like you! Thank you for being part of this project that has teachers saying things like:

“My students look forward to mentoring and they come back happier kids. Feeling that undivided attention and care from an adult is very important.”

Youth saying things like:

“My favorite thing was working with my mentor and getting help to figure out issues. I love spending time with her because I feel loved inside.”

And parents saying things like:

“This has been such a cherished and important part of our family. We love our mentors and the program.”

If you have friends and family who might like to learn more about being a mentor, please tell them about our new mentor orientation scheduled for September 20th, 5:30pm. Fall is the perfect time to get involved! Call 260-9646 to register. We have invitation packets you can give to your contacts.



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