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Start with the Heart

This school year, a letter from Superintendent Taryn Kay to Grand County School District included the following:

“Our district wide goals this year highlight academics, social and emotional learning, and improved communication. While improving student achievement is an important part of our mission, we know it is essential to focus on the social and emotional needs of our students … our GCSD theme of the year is: Start with the Heart. The world appears to be in a place where kindness, grace, and gratitude are in the background. This year, our focus will be to endeavor together to bring them to the forefront so that we, as educators, are socially and emotionally fully charged, consistently and adequately supported, and prepared to assist our students in realizing their own social and emotional wellbeing.”

As a mentor, you have the special opportunity to set your intention at the opening of each session. Let’s all start with the heart. Ask yourself before, during, and after your meetings: Is this the path of heart?



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