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(Community-based) mentoring idea of the month #1: Bikes!

During the pandemic, community-based mentors and mentees (in grades 6 through 12) can be outside and explore the community via bicycle! Youth must wear helmets, and mentors are encouraged to do the same. When returning bikes, please lock the helmets too. Bring your own bike and helmet, if you’d prefer.

HMK: There are three bikes at the elementary school, locked behind the kitchen area at the north end of the property. Text or call 260-9645 for the bike lock combo, and please do not share the combination with students.

MS: There are two bikes at the middle school. In advance, text or call 260-9646 to have the bikes placed outside for you and for the combination.

For our part, the care and maintenance of bikes is a challenge. If you have any of the following lying around and collecting dust, feel free to aim it in the direction of Grand Area Mentoring. We need:

  • Tire pumps
  • Tire sealant
  • Tire patches
  • Helmets
  • Chain lubricant
  • A bike that you no longer use but that’s in good condition
  • Tune-up know-how and time
  • Platform pedals

To donate gear or expertise to the mentoring program (for an in-kind, tax-deductible write off), please email grandareamentoring@gmail.com or call (435) 260-9646.



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