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The Clock’s Ticking!

As this school year nears its end, mentors and students should make every minute of their mentoring sessions count! How do you do this?

  • Talk about the year’s successes. Plan more for next year, if appropriate.
  • Do some of your favorite activities before summer arrives. Document them with photos!
  • Exchange address information so you can stay in touch over the summer.
  • Mentors should complete a mentor survey, which can be found at each mentoring site (or on your email).
  • Attend the end-of-year celebration on May 16th, 4:30-5:30. Grand Area Mentoring will thank you for participating by offering an ice cream party! Join us!
  • Check out this May’s idea of the month on the reverse: Mindful Games. It’s fun and invigorating to learn more deeply how our minds work! It can be done in just a few minutes, but don’t rush these enjoyable mind journeys.




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