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Mentoring Idea of the Month #1: Reduce and understand the stress in your life!

Stress affects us all. Some stress is good; it helps us strive and find fulfillment. However, too much stress can be draining and unhealthy. Stress management expert David Lewis offers ten tips for finding a healthy way to manage our emotions and reactions around difficult experiences. If you or your mentee get stressed about something, discuss any tips that seem relevant and helpful:

  1. Never say never 😉
  2. Act on facts, not assumptions.
  3. Don’t generalize.
  4. Accept your feelings.
  5. Accept responsibility for yourself.
  6. Abandon false hopes.
  7. Step back from your problems.
  8. Simplify your lifestyle.
  9. Spend time in nature.
  10. Make and take decisions with courage.



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