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January is National Mentoring Month!

This is a time to expand and strengthen opportunities for top-notch mentoring in the United States. 17 eager students in Moab wait to be matched with a mentor, and we aim to find new mentors for them in 2016. To that end, Grand Area Mentoring will offer a New Mentor Orientation on January 26th, 4:30-6:00. Tell your friends, colleagues, and family members! They can call 260-9646 to register.

Beyond new mentor recruitment and program expansion, we also take this month to celebrate all that Moab mentors achieve. Grand Area Mentoring’s corps of volunteers accounts for the program’s unparalleled success year in and year out. Your kindness and guidance help these children grow and allows them to say things like:

“I get to try new things, talk freely, and not have to worry about anything.”

“She makes me nicer to people because I’m a lot happier than I used to be.”

“Mentoring is my favorite thing.”

“I get to tell her stuff that I can’t tell other people because they won’t understand it.”

“I need to trust someone, so I trust her.”

“If you’ve been shy or mad or scared, a mentor will make you feel good and make you not as scared of things…”

“I wish I had mentoring every day.”


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