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Right on Target!

Your mentee is totally unique, and therefore you might feel alone in your mission to help.

Nobody else has been in this exact situation before! As a child grows, they present new behaviors and encounter new obstacles. Change is a constant. There may not be a distinct goal to aim for, so how do you know when you’ve reached the destination?

If you’ve had some of these experiences or thoughts, that’s totally normal! This project is about building a helping relationship. Relationships are never simple. A few things to remember:

  1. Expect change. Anticipate the challenges of your mentee wanting to do different things, testing your commitment, and finding new autonomy. Being flexible keeps you young.
  2. Focus on the journey. You’re not trying to reach a specific place. You’re trying to walk beside a youth as they discover what it means to be human. Enjoy being part of that process. Do your best. Open your heart. Appreciate their path.
  3. Know you’re not alone. Program staff are here to help. We’d love to chat about your unique experience!



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