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28 October, 2017
HMK Elementary School Gym, 505 N. MiVida Drive, Moab, UT

Recipient of numerous accolades, including honors from multiple governors of New Hampshire, and given the “Disney American Teacher award,” Mr. Hill is recognized as one of New England’s most effective educational leaders. Additionally, his bullying prevention initiatives won national recognition from the School Safety Advocacy Council.

Thanks to generous grants from WabiSabi and The Synergy Company, Grand Area Mentoring will fly Mr. Hill to Moab to work with 1) mentors, 2) students, and 3) everyone together. These compatible trainings will focus on nourishing kindness, respect, and positivity in our schools.

Training 3: Bringing it all Together

October 28th, 10:00AM-noon, HMK Elementary School Gym

Grand Area Mentoring’s first ever joint mentor and mentee training, this two-hour gathering will put Mr. Hills lessons into practice. We will have fun, strengthen relationships, reinforce new concepts, and celebrate being mentors and mentees.