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The Need

Utah’s annual report on intergenerational poverty shows that 52% of children in Grand County are at risk of remaining in poverty as adults. Out of 29 Utah counties, Grand County ranks fourth from last in average income. The jobless rate is higher than the state and national average. Grand County also has the third highest rate of suicide in Utah, a state with the fifth highest rate of suicides in the nation. The 2015 SHARP Survey showed that in 12 of 14 domains, Grand County students face substantially higher risk of substance use than children statewide. Many Grand County students (14%) suffer from chronic absence problems, leg behind students statewide in math and science SAGE scores (2014/2015), and exhibit antisocial behavior at rates higher than the state average.

Our Solution

Grand County School District aims to combat these risk factors through school-based one-on-one mentoring, among other strategies. Research shows that mentored youth are more likely to do better in school and have aspirations to go to college. They’re better equipped to make responsible decisions. According to research, “A mentor who encourages smart daily behaviors – finishing homework, having healthy social interactions, saying no when it counts – has a noticeable influence on a young person’s growth and success.” (National Mentoring Partnership)

2015/2016 Outcome Summary

This chart shows Grand Area Mentoring’s outcomes compared to objectives set by experts:

Measure >> Reduce disciplinary actions Increase core academic performance Reduce unexcused absences Sustain relationships >12 months
Goal 40% 35% 35% 55%
ACTUAL PERFORMANCE 77% 70% 50% 61%

For more, see the complete report.