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Summertime Opportunities

Stay connected over the summer. Plan ahead to meet occasionally, talk on the phone, Zoom, or send mail. Community-based matches have approved sites available to them. We invite school-based matches to meet at HMK during summer lunch. Please complete a log entry after each meeting, available here: https://grandmentoring.org/mentor-log/

Send updates the old-fashioned way!

Who doesn’t love to get a letter or an unexpected package in the mail? Opening up a surprise envelope, especially one emblazoned with the return address of a caring friend, is the best. If you don’t put together a pen pal kit as described above, even a postcard can remind your mentee that you’re thinking about them. Email us before June 8th and we can provide your mentee’s mailing address.


Mail a card, photos, a word search, a postcard, or a standard letter during your summer, from wherever you happen to be. Your mentee will feel special, and it will help your bond grow during this long break.



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