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How to Help Your Mentee Through the Summer

June, July, and August represent a wonderful opportunity to recharge your batteries and break away from the weekly mentoring routine. Volunteers and students often return in September with new verve and closeness. As the old adage suggests: absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, some students don’t look forward to school’s close. Students who need additional support might miss daily breakfasts. They could yearn for the structure of supervised play with their peers. At-risk youth may long for the stability of a scheduled day at school. They often miss their mentors!

You have 3 great options to help your mentee through the summer:

1) Summer Lunch at HMK

Meet with your mentee to eat school lunch ($4) or bring your own. Students eat FREE! This is a great way to catch up and plan all that you’re going to do together in the coming year. Discussing the future like this can give kids a lot of hope. Summer lunch schedule:

June 6 through July 22 (except July 4)

Monday through Friday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

HMK Elementary School Cafeteria (505 N. MiVida Dr.)

Please complete a log entry (with date, time, and activities) if you choose to meet your mentee for lunch. Submit it in September.

2) Weed ‘n’ Feed at the Youth Garden Project

New this year! Meet up at YGP (530 South 400 East) to participate in a fun, service-oriented activity. YGP prepares a healthy organic meal from the garden in exchange for an hour of light garden work. Weed ‘n’ Feeds are a great way to learn about gardening, socialize with fellow community members, and catch up with your mentee! Weeding begins at 6:00PM. Please complete a log entry.

Starts June 1st, and runs throughout the summer, EVERY TWO WEEKS. You’ll have seven opportunities before September: 6/1, 6/15, 6/29, 7/13, 7/27, 8/10, and 8/24.

3) Keep in Touch the Old Fashioned Way – Via Mail!

Who doesn’t love to get a letter or an unexpected package in the mail? Opening up a surprise envelope, especially one emblazoned with the return address of a caring friend, is the best. Even a postcard can remind your mentee that you’re thinking about him or her. To take advantage, call or email us before June 10th. We can provide your mentee’s mailing address.


Dan: 435-260-9646

Mail a card, photos, a word search, a postcard, or a standard letter once or twice during your summer, from wherever you happen to be. Your mentee will feel special, it will help your bond grow during this break, and it will kindle optimism to see you again.



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