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Please read your October mentor newsletter for:

 • Several new and exciting training opportunities (thank you to Nan Marquardt, WabiSabi, and The Synergy Company!)
 • Pics of mentors and students in action
 • And an improved idea of the month for Halloween!
P.S. We didn’t have space in the newsletter for it, but Back of Beyond Books has generously offered to support the Book for Mentees program once again! Yahoo! Feel free to plan an off-campus trip with another mentor to visit the bookstore where your mentee can use a voucher to buy books worth up to $18. This will start October 1st (and it will be highlighted in the November newsletter). Books for Mentees is designed to spread love of reading and the benefits of literacy to our community’s promising youngsters by providing free books. For many of our mentees, this will be a rare opportunity to choose a book at their reading level and in their area of interest – whether that’s middle-grade, graphic novels, young adult, picture books, or nonfiction. Back of Beyond has a wide selection of titles for all ages and appetites.

1) To participate in the Books for Mentees program, mentors claim a book voucher at the Grand Area Mentoring office (starting October 1st)2) Once issued by Dan or Megan, these vouchers are good for book(s) at Back of Beyond, valued up to $18. Then mentors and students can plan an off-campus outing to the bookstore with another match. Tell Megan when your plan is complete. Call or text her at: 435-260-9645.

3) During your off-campus outing, carefully venture down to Back of Beyond and browse their awesome selection. Don’t forget to bring the voucher, which must be turned in for redemption. Help your mentee look at the various sections of the store. Explain the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Ask about her favorite things to read. Help her spend the $18 wisely.

P.P.S. Please shop at WabiSabi and vote for Grand Area Mentoring when you make a purchase (or donate). As a Wabi nonprofit partner, Grand Area Mentoring earns “dividends” from sales at the Wabi store, depending on how many votes are cast and how much money is spent at Wabi. WabiSabi is a vital community organization that deserves support, AND they support other deserving nonprofits too. What a brilliant business model!
P.P.P.S. If you’re going to provide a snack during mentoring, please make it a healthy one. This is a great place to role model good choices. Nutritious (high protein) snacks can also set students up for a successful afternoon of mentoring, especially those students who struggle with attention issues or hyperactivity.