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Asking the Right Questions

The start of the school year is a great time to get to know your mentee better and deepen your relationship. Ask about his/her summer. Chat about what he/she hopes to accomplish this year. As you play and talk and work on projects, pay particular attention to your mentee’s strengths and successes.

After you have re-established closeness and a strong rapport, you can ask solution-focused questions. This approach helps your mentee engage his/her resiliency when challenges arise later in the year. To use this technique effectively, it’s best to already know about the traits and experiences your mentee owns.

The Method

Solution-focused questions target a better future. Your questions will focus on what life will be like when your mentee has overcome or limited his/her problem, especially using the strengths and knowledge that he or she already has. Some examples of good solution-focused questions include…


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