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Big Results

Over the last 12 months, you have helped Grand Area Mentoring reach major mile-stones. Last year we set a high point for the number of youth served: 76. Of those, a record 74% got in less trouble at school. 73% boosted their GPAs. This year we embark on another fantastic journey with more than 40 matches returning from summer break.

Grand Area Mentoring volunteers deserve Moab’s gratitude first. This whole endeavor moves mountains thanks to you, our mentors. Your weekly investment changes lives.

However, we cannot forget the kind and generous backers who keep this program’s inner workings in order. Many thanks to all the foundations, companies, and citizens who contribute in cash or in kind. Their gifts provide supplies at four sites; mentor recruitment, screening, and training; mentee intake and family training; match coordination, support, and closure; evaluation; coordination within the district and community; and adherence to industry best practices Thanks to all who contributed last year!

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