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Easy & Fundamental

A Plea for Your Shares

Witnessing the power of quality mentoring is easy: better grades, attendance, and behavior. Plus your mentees say things like:

“Mentoring makes me feel like there is someone there that understands me.”

“Sometimes I would have bad memories and feel like I didn’t really want to live, but I think about my mentor and I don’t really feel that way anymore.”

“Mentoring makes me happy.”

Your great results wouldn’t exist without strong program fundamentals such as:

  • comprehensive recruitment, screening, and training of mentor candidates
  • preparing families and students, and supporting matches
  • recognizing volunteers and offering resources such as
    newsletters, workshops, & events throughout the year.

Finding money to support these fundamentals is our privilege and sometimes demands creativity. That’s why Grand Area Mentoring participates in Love UT Give UT, a single day of online giving on March 20th. This is pretty cool, because it’s never been easier for the public to  give a little and be part of a program that changes lives.

Your shares about Love UT Give UT on Facebook and via email will help us reach our goal. Every dollar supports a program that belongs to you. Thanks for any help you can offer in spreading the word!

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