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Shutterbug Shenanigans!

Photography Mini-Clinic for Mentors

Photography can be a great tool to explore the world and learn to express oneself visually! Learning how to look at photographs and compose an image can be beneficial in a culture flooded with imagery.

This mini-clinic will provide ideas for incorporating photography into your mentoring sessions and offer:

  • ideas for introducing your mentee to photography
  • projects you can do together
  • and ways to spark curiosity!

Clinic leader, Teresa Munisteri, will donate photography lessons to mentees or mentor/mentee groups this spring to those who are interested! If you think your mentee would benefit from learning more about photography, or if you as a mentor have something to add to the discussion, please join us on Thursday, March 26th at 4:30pm @ HMK Room 141.

Teresa Munisteri is a professional artist specializing in photography. In addition to photographing the incredible Moab area, she is passionate about sharing photography with others. After moving to Moab in 2018, Teresa started her own photography guiding business that offers private instruction to all age groups.


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