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National Mentoring Month

5 Reasons We’re Grateful

January is National Mentoring Month. It’s an opportunity to celebrate all things mentoring. Thus, we give you five reasons we admire what you do:

5. You’re helping families. Studies have found that mento red youth get along better with their parents. This isn’t trivial. Improved interactions at home can make life manifestly better for kids who may face stressful circumstances on a daily basis. Less stress means healthier brain development.

4. You’re breaking destructive cycles. Through your example and guidance, Grand Area Mentoring students are more likely to make positive choices and avoid risky behaviors. By showing how to plan, cultivating hope, and talking about the future, you plant the seeds that may bloom into lives of fulfillment. Thank you for reminding your mentee he or she can look forward to raising a family that knows the importance of respect, hard work, civic engagement, generosity, health, and kindness.

3. You’re making school more fun. When kids have better emotional associations with school, their attendance improves. They tend to get better grades. They have better relationships with peers and teachers. And life is just better when school brings more joy and less frustration.

2. You’re boosting self-confidence. Many mentees struggle with academics and in social situations. By playing sports, doing board games, and introducing arts, crafts, and new people, you’re providing the appropriate environment for elevated self – efficacy.

1. You’re addressing a major problem in Moab: poverty. 92% of mentored students qualify for free or reduced lunch, the federal indicator of poverty. When your mentees go out into their classrooms and neighborhoods, when they become part of the workforce, when they make
important decisions that impact everyone, they will do so with a distinct advantage
– they will have your voice in their heads and your example to follow. Over time, the negative
pressures of poverty will diminish in our region.

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