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Fostering the Good

The Mentoring Effect

A first-of-its-kind analysis by Civic Enterprises and Hart Research Associates reveals young people’s perspectives on mentoring. By surveying young adults, this study documented the following:

  • “Young people who had mentors report setting higher educational goals and are more likely to attend college than those without mentors. “
  • “The longer the mentoring relationship lasts, the greater the value for youth… Youth satisfaction in mentoring relationships doubled when comparing relationships of
    more than a year to less than a year.”
  • “Young adults who had mentors, particularly those atrisk, are more likely to report engaging in productive and beneficial activities than youth without a mentor. These activities translate into the higher self-esteem and self-confidence.”
  • “Mentoring helps young people, especially at-risk youth, succeed in school, work, and life… Young people’s experience confirms this: youth with mentors are more likely to report engaging in positive behavior.”

Thank you for being part of this powerful strategy for fostering the good.

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