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New Book Club for Mentors

MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnership, has released its brand new guide for mentors: Becoming a Better Mentor. This excellent book goes through the elements of improving your mentoring relationship. It’s available free here:


You are invited to join Grand Area Mentoring in reading four select chapters through May, one per month. We will gather on Zoom to discuss each. Club meetings will last 30-60 minutes. Chapters include:

  • February 10, 5pm: Chapter 1, Providing Emotional Support and Empathy
  • March 23, 5pm: Chapter 4, Attunement in Mentoring Relationships
  • April 21, 5pm: Chapter 8, Honoring Youth Voice and Building Power
  • May 10, 5pm: Chapter 11, Effective Conversations about Behavior Change

This is your chance to engage expert content in conversation with your fellow mentors. It’s written by leaders in the field and full of real-world advice and evidence-based strategies. Learn about core mentoring skills, key principles, and critical practices, such as:

  • mindsets and attitudes that lay the foundation for a strong mentoring bond
  • basic information about youth development and typical mentoring relationship progressions
  • critical skills and competencies to meet the needs of youth.

Join us February 10th, 5pm, via Zoom to chat about Chapter 1, which covers a fundamental of mentoring – empathy! This is why many people got into mentoring in the first place, a heartfelt compassion for the those facing daunting challenges.

Please mark these dates on your calendar and look for a link on your email or contact us for details.




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