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(Community-based) mentoring idea of the month: Visit the Moab Museum!

Schedule a private tour at the Moab Museum with Mary Langworthy! Discover the unique history of our amazing region, from ancient to the recent past.

Mary knows the place from top to bottom, and she can even bring you behind the scenes to get a peek at artifacts that aren’t on public display – things like fossilized dinosaur tracks that can be touched! How big is your hand compared to the foot of a dinosaur? Come in and find out!

Through the month of December, mentors and mentees will be invited to contact Mary to schedule a slot. Only one mentor pair will be allowed in the building at any given time. Masks are mandatory, as they are with any activity that puts mentors and mentees in close proximity. Tours will be available Monday through Thursday.

Check out these updated exhibits and learn about this fabulous place we call home! Contact Mary Langworthy at: mary@moabmuseum.org

Special thanks to Mary and the Moab Museum for offering this!



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