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Time to Shine

In the Chronicle of Evidence-Based  Mentoring, Dr. Jean

Rhodes writes: “Although COVID-19 appears to spare children from the most serious health problems, marginalized youth are likely to bear the heaviest burdens of trauma & economic fallout.” We mentors have an opportunity to blunt the blow by persevering through the hard times. Mentoring Partnership and Grand Area Mentoring urge you to:

Be mindful. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, it may trigger trauma for young people impacted by the virus or by the news surrounding the pandemic. Let your mentee know that you see them and are there for them. Even a card in the mail or a short email mean a lot.

Be communicative. Healthy and supportive relationships are crucial during this time. Connect virtually.

  • Create a plan with your mentee about how you will stay in touch while continuing to follow the appropriate guidelines.
  • Email: Grand Area Mentoring has provided student email addresses to each mentor, when available. Please remember: CC grandarementoring@gmail.com on emails.
  • Telephone: talk with your mentee on the phone. If you need a home phone number, contact: grandareamentoring@gmail.com
  • Video Chat: reach out to parents via telephone to arrange Zoom, FaceTime, Messenger, or Skype video chats. If you’re intimidated and would like to discuss using these platforms, call Daniel at 435-260-9646.
  • Important: video and telephone chats should be reported via Grand Area Mentoring’s online mentor log available here:


Be intentional about preserving continuity in the relationship.

  • Acknowledge what is going on and engage in a dialogue about the pandemic.
  • Understand and honor your emotions and the emotions of your mentee, including the range of reactions that may be expressed.
  • Commit to self-care. Know that it is okay to take a break from the news and discussions about the virus as needed to manage anxiety or other responses to the situation.

Be in it together. Let your mentee know that you are in this together and are here to help.

  • Follow the latest on COVID-19 on the CDC’s website.
  • Honor Grand Area Mentoring’s guidelines. Mentors and mentees shall not meet in person until further notice. Virtual meetings may take place via text, cell, video chat, or email.


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