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Heroes Don’t Stop

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. Now remember that life was already hard for some. It has only gotten harder. Many families are struggling to stay healthy and hopeful.

For a child on the brink of success, a connection with a responsible adult might make the difference between failing and feeling safe. That’s why Grand Area Mentoring instituted a Covid-safe mentoring plan for the 2020/2021 school year. Mentors and mentees are wearing masks & mainly meeting outside. They do symptom checks at the start of every session and keep physical distance as able.

The program has started the season with a solid 50 matches, and energy is focused on maintaining these relationships. A few matches may be created, but in order to avoid risk to new participants, this year will primarily be about maintenance.

Despite the pandemic, mentoring continues. For some, it may be virtual; for all, it will be vital! Children who most need support are getting it. Moab mentors & mentees don’t stop for rona!


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